Live Events


When dealing with live broadcast situations fast response time and reliability is a necessity.  Our digital video recording solutions utilize independent channel access with instant cueing and clip recall allowing for variable speed noise-free playback making the video quality crystal clear.

Sync Playback

Sync two channels together using the front panel or a separate controller while incorporating a Genlock source.  These units make it easy and cost effective for a range of applications include religious to corporate.

On Set Review


When you need instant cueing capabilities for a demanding environment these units are your perfect HD or SD solution.


In-Vehicle Recording

These units can withstand most high-impact environments and when paired with a solid state drive you get the maximum reliability.

Time Delay

With the Omega HD simultaneous record and playback unit time delay is simple and cost effective.  Just record on channel 1 and playback on channel 2.

Field Capture & Lighting