Today’s broadcasters are faced with a multitude of technical demands with shrinking budgets. Let us make your job easier with providing high image quality digital video recording solutions at a fraction of the cost.

REPLAY & Time-Shift Programming


The STUDIO PRO REPLAY Simultaneous Playback and Record (SPR) capability allows for slow motion replay while recording the action without missing anything. The system offers professional video and audio connections and familiar VTR-style front panel controls, including a video confidence monitor, JPEG2000 ensures the highest-quality digital recording. In addition, the Studio Pro Replay’s patented file access system records every frame and guarantees delivery of a usable recording every time, with no corrupted files. Two units fit in a 2RU Rackmount space. Record and Playback or Pause ancillary data including Closed Caption CEA-608 & CEA-708 on 4 lines: 8, 9, 10 & 11 interlaced or progressive

Field Capture




The FIELD PRO is a rugged file-based J2K Field Recorder/Player that simplifies the transition from traditional tape decks to file-based workflows. The FIELD PRO’s professional video & audio connections and familiar VTR-style front panel controls – including a video confidence monitor – ensure the highest quality field production recording.


Pair any of these decks with a switcher and controller and you get a cost effective HD or SD key/fill solution with some of the fastest cueing sync playback.


Public Service

The choice of major networks that need to capture extensive metadata such as closed caption or ancillary time code.

Weather Time Lapse

Capture and replay the true colors of an incoming storm with the time lapse feature on these units.