NDT 200


This compact, portable DVR meets the unique needs of remote video surveillance applications.  It is known for being a reliable and durable solution making it a perfect drop in replacement for SONY GVD-1000 tape recorders.  NDT stands for “No Damn TAPE” and see why it’s a favorite…
Superior Image Quality – utilizing the Motion JPEG compression to capture every frame/field of video giving you an exact picture for frame accurate playback with user selectable video compression from 4:1 to 20:1.
Low power consumption for increased time for remote battery use.
Download  “.mov” files through its UBS port or by removing the drive and connecting directly to your computer.
Standard off the shelf media – SATA hard disk or solid state drives allow you to purchase drives anywhere at the lowest cost per GB for increased record time.
Discrete access to every frame, instant cueing and clip recall allow for variable speed noise-free playback giving you picture perfect video.
Touch Pad and soft button interface give you access to extensive menu options that include clip name, playback options (job, scan or scrub) and loop record/playback.
Intuitive large push button controls

NDT200 : MSRP $ 2495
–          Time Lapse Recording
–          Variable Film Speed Playback
–          External Trigger Input
–          Pre-Event Record
–          Time/Date & User Character Stamp