SD Video Recorders



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Standard Definition digital video recorders from Fast Forward Video have been delivering superior image quality in challenging applications for the last 20 years.  These recorders have been proven in on-body, in-vehicle, underwater, and even outer space environments. Their proven performance is what has kept customers coming back time after time for exceptional video in a “field-rated” recorder.
Why Fast Forward Video SD?

Superior Image Quality:
Utilizing the Motion JPEG compression allows us to capture every frame/field of a video giving you an exact picture for frame accurate playback.
Using a pixel block match system that minimizes image degradation, video that is compressed in Fast Forward Video SD recorders retains and gives users access to each and every frame. The result is superb performance for every application where high quality images and random access to video material are a must.
Selectable Video Compression from 4:1 to 20:1
Standard Media:
Our SD digital video recorders use standard off the shelf media – SATA hard disk or solid state drives which range from 160GB to 500GB.  Giving you not only the flexibility to purchase drives anywhere but also the lowest cost per GB with increased record times.
Picture Perfect Record / Playback:
Discrete access to every frame, instant cueing and clip recall allow for variable speed noise-free playback making it a perfect solution for instant replay applications.
Intuitive Control Panels:
Whether you use the front panel LCD or your favorite controller we provide a multitude of playback and record features.