Micron HD

A JPEG2000 media recorder that can record and playback every frame and Gen-Lock multiple units.

Playback up to 100X real-time speed in any direction,  record and playback critical ancillary data like 708 Closed Caption, archive all your broadcast programming with CEA 708 in the file.

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Micron HD

This amazing high definition digital video recorder delivers picture quality with J2K compression at an affordable price (MSRP $4795) .  And like all FFV digital recorders, the Micron features patented single-frame cueing latency, which also makes this recorder the most responsive recorder available.   The Micron HD is a broadcast quality record and playback device that can fit in any environment.
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Features Include:

Closed Caption Support
record & playback 608/708 CC
Instantaneous cueing
patented single-frame cueing latency
– extremely responsive for slow motion replay
– perfect for broadcast key/fill graphics replay
Superior image quality
– uses the wavelet based JPEG2000 codec
– compresses each frame independently (“intraframe” encoding)
– replay indistinguishable from the uncompressed original
– 100 Mbit/s data rate
– 4:2:2 sampling
– 10-bit precision
Discrete access to every frame, instant cueing and clip recall allow for variable speed noise-free playback making it a perfect solution for slow motion instant replay applications.
Easy to use:  works seamlessly with your favorite controller (see list of recommended controllers below).
Provides a multitude of playback and record features.
Flexible audio choices – embedded audio with the choice of Analog or AES.
Standard off the shelf media – SATA hard disk or solid state drives allow you to purchase drives anywhere at the lowest cost per GB for increased record time (see list of recommended drives below).
Capture every shot with automatic recording and frame rate/resolution sensing capabilities.
Save rack space with this compact, rugged 1RU enclosure.

Available Models (MSRP $4795):
Micron HD w/ AES audio
Micron HD w/ Analog audio