The QHD board capitalizes on our goal to provide the highest image quality in a compact and power efficient OEM media recorder solution- making it a perfect integration solution for anyone looking to integrate a J2K media recorder as part of a larger system. MSRP $2995

Superior image quality by incorporating the JPEG2000 codec –
 – 100 Mbit/s
 – 4:2:2 sampling
 – 10-bit quantization
Flexible audio choices –embedded audio with the choice of Analog or AES.
Discrete access to every frame, instant cueing and clip recall allow for variable speed noise-free playback making it a perfect solution for instant replay applications.
Standard off the shelf media – SATA hard disk or solid state drives allow you to purchase drives anywhere at the lowest cost per GB for increased record time (see list of recommended drives below).
PC viewable video files
Low power consumption
Feature-rich serial control allowing for a multitude of playback and record features including time lapse.

Available Configuration: (10 unit MOQ starting at $2995 per board)
QHD RS422 w/ AES audio
QHD RS422 w/ Analog audio
QHD RS232 w/ AES audio
QHD RS232 w/ Analog audio